Here at Arti Promotions we offer print & embroidery services to all, we are known throughout the Event & PR industry as a company who delivers branded clothing & merchandise which has been used in TV & Film advertising and promotions, we would love to mention some of our adverts and promotional events
but secrecy prevails.

Having contracts with some of the biggest Construction Companies our workwear and safety wear branded
clothing is seen by all.

Not only looking smart but advertising your company whether you have 1000 or just a few employees.

Schools and Clubs are also popular using our services from school uniforms to sports clubs and Dance
and Gym Clubs.

We haven’t missed out or Stag & Hen market as this service we offer on our categories page via its own link.

So basically if it needs printing or embroidered you are in the right place.

We look forward to working with you.

Arti Promotions


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T 020 8293 1280