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5 traditional advertising methods that shouldn’t be overlooked

In Business Tips | on Friday, April 22, 2016

Nowadays it’s essential for a business to have a website and create an online presence via blogging, social media, and email marketing campaigns. However, it’s important to remember that not all of your potential customers will be using the internet to find a business that suits their needs. Don’t neglect some of the more traditional and conventional methods of marketing your business.

Here are five old school advertising methods that could help you to grow your business…

  1. Radio: Advertising on your local radio station is a way to raise the profile of your business within your target area. Unless you’re musically gifted, you’ll probably need to employ someone to come up with a catchy jingle to accurately convey your business message and branding over the airwaves. If it sticks in peoples’ heads it may annoy them, but it also means that it’ll pop to the forefront of their minds when they’re thinking about finding a business that suits their needs.
  2. Newspapers: Despite the fact that news is far more up to date online, on the radio, and on TV, newspapers still remain popular. Advertising in a local newspaper is an effective way to put your brand in front of people that have grown up using the paper as the font of all knowledge. Older generations have relied on newspapers for most of their lives as one of the main means of being informed of current affairs, local events, and local ads so it’s a good idea to reach out to them in this way.
  3. Leaflets: It’s fairly cheap to have some leaflets printed to advertise your business. They work particularly well if you’re promoting a new product or service, or if you’re offering a discount. you could either hand them out in the local town centre, or spend some time posting them through letterboxes in your target area. People do get a lot of leaflets and junk mail posted through their doors, so the trick is finding a way to make yours stand out from the crowd!
  4. Branded vehicle: If your business involves the use of a commercial vehicle, i.e. plumber, builder, gardener etc, then it makes sense to brand the vehicle with your company logo and contact details. Even if your business doesn’t require you to drive to clients’ homes, branding the car you use for commuting to the office can help to get your business branding out there in public view each day.
  5. Local signs: Advertising on billboards is effective, but it can be expensive. For small businesses it’s much more cost effective to advertise on smaller sign posts around the local area. For example, on the back of a bus so that your ad gets driven around town all day. You could also look into having posters put up at bus stops, train stations, taxi ranks, and around the town or city in general.