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10 Biggest UK Shirt Sponsor/Promotional Deals

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A shirt sponsor essentially pays the owner of the shirt to print their logo on it, anyone can do it with Arti Promotions – Whether it be for a company or just for some fun – but we’re going to be looking at the top 10 UK sponsor/promotional deals in place, all of which come from the Barclays Premier League. It’s a well known fact that sports – especially football – is one of the biggest moneymakers in the world. Players net themselves hundreds of thousands a week by playing and clubs have to find some way to pay the bills and that’s where shirt sponsors come in! So, let’s stop talking and get into the number 10 spot!

10. Aston Villa – Intuit Quickbooks

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Aston Villa’s Sponsor Intuit Quickbooks

Aston Villa Football Club announced back in 2015 that they were signing Intuit Quickbooks as their main club sponsor until the 2017 season. Intuit Quickbooks are the world’s number one accounting software for small businesses and the company’s logo graced the club’s home and away shirts from 2015 – 2017. With a yearly income of around £5 million, the deal is a huge bonus for Villa.


9. Everton – Chang Beer

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Everton’s Sponsor Chang Beer

Everton have signed a new deal with long standing sponsors Chang Beer, the two have been with each other since 2005 and their latest three year deal is worth an amazing £5.3 million per year and nets them a cool £16 million. Chang Beer (better known as ThaiBev) is Thailand’s largest and on of South-east Asia’s largest beverage companies.


8. West Ham – Betway

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West Ham’s sponsor Betway

West Ham signed a new sponsor in 2015 worth an estimated £6 million per year. Betway taking up a deal with West Ham, after West Ham’s last deal with Alpari collapsed due to liquidation. This deal will see West Ham hold onto the Betway name until 2017 and is a club record!


7. Newcastle United – Wonga

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Newcastle’s sponsor Wonga

Newcastle signed a 4 year deal back in 2012 worth an estimated £6 million per year. Wonga being the name on the front of Newcastle’s kits. Wonga is a British pay-day loan company. Newcastle will see the deal continue till the end of the 2016 season.


 6. Tottenham – AIA

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Tottenham’s sponsor AIA

Tottenham revealed back in 2014 that they were signing a deal with AIA until 2019 in a deal worth an estimate £16 million per year. AIA Group Limited known as AIA is the largest independent public listed pan-Asian life insurance group.


5. Manchester City – Etihad Airways

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Manchester City’s sponsor Etihad Airways

Manchester City revealed they would be sporting the name of Etihad Airways on their kits in a deal worth around£20 million per year but will last a staggering 10 years! Etihad Airways is a flag carrier and the second-largest airline of the United Arab Emirates behind Emirates.


4. Liverpool – Standard Chartered


Liverpool’s sponsor Standard Chartered

Liverpool signed a deal worth £30 million per year, Liverpool signed on with Standard Chartered a a British multinational banking and financial services company. The deal sees Liverpool’s kit as their advertisement until the end of the 2016 season, where they may look to sign a new increased fee deal.


3. Arsenal – Fly Emirates


Arsenal’s sponsor Fly Emirates

Arsenal hitting 3ed spot with their latest sponsor deal worth £150 million to the club! That’s £30 million in their pockets every year just for sporting the Fly Emirates logo on their kits. The deal is set to last until 2019 where Arsenal may look to extent their contract. Fly Emirates are UAE’s largest airline eclipsing Etihad Airways back down in 5th on this list.


2. Chelsea – Yokohama


Chelsea’s sponsor yokohama

Chelsea shocked the sponsors scene after announcing their newest deal with Yokohama Rubber, a Japanese tyre firm who have taken the place of Samsung on the front of Chelsea shirts worldwide. This deal is the second most lucrative in Premier League History, doubling their previous contract with Samsung. Yokohama Rubber is a tyre company based in Tokyo, Japan.


 1. Manchester United – Chevrolet

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Manchester United’s sponsor Chevrolet

The biggest deal the Premier League has seen in terms of shirt advertisement is from Chevrolet, who managed to push away AON and take the place on the front of one of Europe’s biggest clubs shirts. Manchester United signed a 7 year deal with the motoring giants worth to them a crazy £53 million per year! YES! £53 MILLION PER YEAR! That sees them netting more than double most of their competitors and a cool £14 million more than second place Chelsea. Chevrolet (referred to as Chevy) is an American auto-mobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors.



And that right there, ends our list of the top 10 deals shirt sponsor/promotional deals in the UK. Netting themselves some serious cash all for the promotion of a company name on their clothing! The world of clothing advertisement is one of those markets that can gain you and your business huge success and profit but many cost if you wish to branch into the world football leagues!