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Six easy ways that you can reuse your old t-shirts

In Uncategorized | on Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Whether you’re cleaning out your wardrobes or you’re moving out and need to lighten your load – getting rid of that huge pile of old t-shirts shouldn’t be a task you dread. It’s an ideal time to get creative and think of ways you can make use of them again.

Here we’re going to give you six ways to reuse your old tees.

T-shirt yarn – If you like to knit or crochet then why not make yarn from your old t-shirts. It’s so much cheaper than buying from a wool shop and it’s easy as pie to do.

Check out a tutorial here.

Pillow case – Tired of your plain white pillow case? Then spice it up with a cool t-shirt pillow case.

Cut a line from shoulder to shoulder and from the sleeves to the bottom hem. You can cut as much of the bottom of the shirt as you like. Then, simply stitch it up inside out, leaving room for flipping it back. Stuff the pillow case, close the seam, and that’s job done!

Bed quilt – If you’re making a pillow case for your bed, you may as well go the whole nine yards and make your own bed quilt too. Old t-shirts can make a super comfortable quilt to snuggle up into.

All you need to do is cut the t-shirts into squares, piece them together, and then sew it up.

A new scarf – If the shirt is too worn and tatty to put use as a t-shirt then you can repurpose it into another type of clothing. There are loads of ways to do it (too many to name in one blog), so we recommend doing a quick Google search.

A shopping bag – Tired of the plastic shopping bags lining your kitchen cupboards and draws? Then turn your old t-shirts into cool shopping/tote bags. It doesn’t require much in terms of sewing skill either.

Cut off the arms, and sew the bottom hem… and that’s about it!

Laptop sleeve – Worried your laptop will get scratched in your bag? Put your old t-shirt to use!

Fold the shirt in half with the wrong sides facing in, stitch up the sides, and then flip it back.

These are our favourite ways to reuse your old t-shirts, but if you have any cool ideas, let us know! We’d love to hear from you.