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4 Reasons Mugs Are Good Gifts

In Personalised gifts | on Thursday, December 11, 2014

With the season of giving approaching it can be hard to find a special gift for a friend or family member. At Arti Promotions we can create your personalised design on a mug so that you won’t have to be giving a predictable or impersonal gift for another year! If you’re not sure why mugs are such good gifts, have a look at these top four reasons.


Everyone loves tea or coffee


Britain is known as a tea-drinking nation with afternoon teas and high teas being traditional and still very common. The hot drink market is growing to accommodate new drinks to suit all tastes though, from the sweet tooth to the bitter sweet. With the convenience of drinks on the go, you need only look to the queues in place like Starbucks or Costa to see just how popular hot drinks are. Whether your friend can’t get enough of their coffee fix, your dad likes his tea extra milky, or your sister loves treating herself to a hot chocolate, mugs can be and are used by everyone and anyone!


Hot drinks can be shared

Making time in your busy schedule to sit down and enjoy a nice cup of something is important. What better way to do this than with someone else. Inviting your friend over wouldn’t be the same without putting the kettle on. Or getting in from work and relaxing with your partner and a nice hot drink will help ease your stress from the day. Hot drinks are for sharing, so share yours with a gift of a mug.


Companies can use them to promote


If you’re thinking of giving away gifts to your customers, why not tie this in with a bit of promotion. Promotional marketing is far from dead despite the rise in online and digital marketing. We can print your company’s logo or brand design easily onto our mugs so that you can give them away as loyalty rewards or for general use within your business. Mugs will impress potential clients or reward employees. They can make your whole business look more professional like our design above.


You can send a personal message

Mugs can bring your thoughts to life. Show someone you care by adding a personal message or image to your mug. It could be something that reminds you of the other person or it might relate to an experience you have had together. Part of the pressure of gift-giving is finding something that suits the person and says something more, rather than being impersonal. Mugs are an innovative way of sending a message. And the thought of the gift won’t go unnoticed!


Create your unique mug gift today by contacting us about your ideas and design here at Arti Promotions. We don’t require a minimum order so you can have as many or few as you need. From individual gifts to mass-produced stock for businesses, our printing specialists in London can help.