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Hi-Vis Clothing: Who Needs To Wear It?

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Hi-vis clothing is becoming more commonly used and worn in a number of different industries and environments. With personal safety at the forefront, looking after yourself and staying seen is just what high visibility clothing provides. At Arti Promotions we can supply your company with a stock of personalised hi-vis clothing, or create a single product for the individual.


Emergency services

Police in high visibility jackets

(via The Guardian)


Police, firemen and emergency medical staff benefit from wearing hi-vis clothing for many reasons. Differentiating them within a crowd helps to alert people of their services. As people to approach for help, emergency service staff need to be clearly defined on the streets in order to act as quickly and efficiently as possible. Also, during emergency situations, particularly with firemen, being seen through the commotion and danger is essential in order to keep themselves and those around them safe.


Security officers

As well as standard and emergency service policemen, security officers often use hi-vis clothing. With positions of power too, officers, guards and bouncers can use hi-vis clothing to make themselves known in a crowd and to assert their authority. Due to them often operating in a dark environment or space, the standard hi-vis yellow jackets are less likely to be worn, in favour of black clothing with hi-vis strips.


Cyclists and motorcyclists

We often hear about road accidents, but helmets are still not required for bicycle users in the UK. It is becoming more common now though for cyclists and some motorcyclists to wear hi-vis clothing when they are navigating the roads on two wheels. Particularly now that the shorter days are kicking in and winter is approaching, staying seen to cars and other road users is imperative. Cyclists and motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable so hi-vis clothing can really help alert drivers. Yellow jackets are more common for cyclists and black jackets with reflective strips for motorcyclists.



You don’t have to give up on your sports during the winter months. Whatever the weather and during the dark, you can still go running or jogging outdoors. If you don’t want to resort to buying a gym membership, investing in hi-vis clothing will help to keep you safe on the streets. With darker days and longer nights, it is not recommended to go running without some form of hi-vis gear. Whether you choose a jacket, gloves or running band, make sure you can be seen. We can customise the item for added comfort without compromising on style and practicality.


Children in groups


(via Single Track World)

Any parent will know that keeping their child safe around the roads is increasingly important. Road safety education has progressed even further and now it is common for children in groups to wear hi-vis vests or jackets. After the rise in popularity of ‘Walking Bus’ schemes, hi-vis clothing has become more implemented into school or group trips with children. Hi-vis clothing doesn’t just stop at vest and jackets though. Reflective strips can be found on everything from shoes to bags, which are more conspicuous during the day.


Hazard industries

Industries such as mining and construction, and those dealing with chemicals or other hazardous materials can wear hi-vis clothing in order to be seen by their team. High visibility clothing can often double up as protective clothing, by combining the two elements so that the workers’ safety is at the forefront. Protecting against damage from harmful substances as well as being easy to spot is an essential part of working in these industries in order to avoid risks.


We can supply all of your hi-vis clothing here at Arti Promotions. As well as having a choice of colour, our stock comes in a full range of styles of safety wear. All items are fully reflective and/or protective and can be customised with your company logo, text, or an image of your choice. Contact us today.