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The Benefits of Corporate Uniforms

In Uncategorized | on Tuesday, July 22, 2014

As children, most of us would have been required to wear a school uniform for 12 years or so. Becoming an adult and entering the working world means you suddenly have the freedom to wear whatever you like each day; what could be better? Well, actually a uniform could work out better for you! More and more businesses are choosing to introduce a uniform for their employees to wear, and here are some of the reasons why…

The benefits to the company:

  • Wearing a branded uniform means that your employees become walking advertisements for your company. When they leave the premises on their lunch break, or at the end of the day, potential new customers are exposed to your company via the branding on the uniform.
  • When your employees are representing your brand at trade shows and marketing events they will stand out, making them easily recognisable by both new and existing customers.
  • If your employees are required to wear a uniform for work each day then it prevents them from having to spend time choosing an outfit to wear each morning, so hopefully they’ll arrive at work on time!

The benefits to the employee:

  • A sports team all dress in the same kit and work towards achieving a shared goal; enforcing a uniform in the workplace helps to unify your employees and make them feel part of a team.
  • When someone is wearing a uniform it makes them much more aware of their behaviour and attitude, altering the way they act as they know their actions reflect back on the company.
  • Uniforms help to promote equality in the workplace. When everyone is dressed the same way then there is less pressure on employees to dress a certain way to fit in.
  • Employees who wear a uniform for work each day, and are responsible for keeping it clean, may be entitled to a tax rebate through HMRC.

The benefits to customers:

  • When your employees are wearing a clearly identifiable uniform your customers will be able to recognise who to approach when they need help.
  • Having all your employees dressed in the same uniform lets customers know that your company is professional and organised, encouraging them to buy your products or use your services.