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4 logo design mistakes you need to avoid

In Uncategorized | on Thursday, February 20, 2014

Your logo is important. It’s there to help people recognise you in a flash and enforce brand recognition.

And well designed logos can help make a business great.

But poor logos?

They can break one quickly. So to help you avoid the latter we’ve put together a list of 4 logo design mistakes to avoid.

The font

The font you choose is going to be one of the most stand out features of your logo.

So don’t choose a font that can’t be read at a distance. Remember, people aren’t always going to be able to see the logo close up. They need to be able to read it in seconds, and at a distance. So chose something simple, that’s easy on the eye.

Fonts move with the times too. You might not notice it, but they do. So try and pick something that’ll look great two years down the line.

Relying on what’s gone before you

Taking inspiration is fine.

Stealing isn’t.

Sure, you’re going to be heavily influenced by successful businesses in your industry. Their logo works so well.

So try and take some things from it and adapt them. Don’t just take the whole thing and create some sort of awful knock-off.

A customer will recognise the similarities. And that won’t do much for your brand recognition.

Failing to make it transferable

Your business logo is going to act as a sort of signature. A stamp of approval from your business. So it’s going to be everywhere. Your t-shirts, emails, store front, letters, posters and so on. It has to be able to transfer from one to the other.

If it doesn’t go from t-shirt to key ring without losing message effectiveness then you’re going to have to re-do it.

Too abstract

Yes, you’re going to want a logo that’s unique, that stands out. But be careful not to fall into the trap of making it too abstract.

Don’t go for some artsy logo that just features your initials and some wild colours as a backdrop. That won’t be memorable and your business will be misrepresented.

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