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3 great ways to promote your business with custom-printed T shirts

In Uncategorized | on Monday, January 20, 2014

Printed T shirts are a great way of developing your brand and getting your name, your logo and your message across.

They’re an extremely popular and powerful marketing tool that shouldn’t be ignored by businesses looking to grow and win new customers – so let’s take a look at some of our favourite ways to promote your business with them…

Competition prizes

Competitions are a great way of encouraging your customers to sign up and spread the word – so you’d better have some prizes at the ready!

And promotional T shirts make fantastic prizes.

Engage your customers and encourage interaction. One way of generate some buzz around your competition is to design completely new, limited-run promotional T shirts for the very top prizes.

Offer them as freebies

The next time you send out an order, why not include a free promotional T shirt?

After all, who out there doesn’t appreciate getting something for nothing?

They’re also effective incentives, which you can use to persuade your customers to spend that little bit more on each order.

So reward those who spend more than £50, or treat your loyal customers with one. They’re a great way of showing your clients that you appreciate their custom.

Wear them yourself!

Be seen, build your brand and promote professionalism by having your staff wear your custom-printed T shirts.

This is great for traditional store-based businesses where the staff are continually talking to and being seen by the customers – but they’re still useful even if your workforce isn’t seen all the time.

Attending a conference any time soon? What better place to don your own printed T shirts and really stand out from the crowd.