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How to successfully use promotional clothing to help to promote your business, brand, product or event

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Are you looking for an innovative, new, cost effective way of getting your brand name out to the public?  Promotional clothing is one of the best forms of promotion.  By wearing clothing bearing your brand’s logo or message the people wearing it are showing their support and endorsing your brand whilst advertising it to a very wide audience.

Whether you are thinking of getting promotional clothing for your staff to wear whilst they’re at work, for an event your business is hosting or to give away to customers as freebies you need to make sure that you have made a plan before leaping in.

Promotional clothing is one of the most effective forms of advertising and promotion but you have to do it right for it to work!

How does it work?

The idea behind using promotional clothing to promote your brand is to turn your employees and customers into walking advertisements for your business.   Employees will usually wear their uniform on the way to work and on the way home and whilst running any errands in between.  If you’re using promotional clothing really effectively then employees and customers will also be wearing your brand’s promotional clothing in their own free time.

The trick is quite simple; you have to create promotional clothing that people love to wear!

Designing successful promotional clothing

Make sure that you carefully plan what kind of promotional clothing you are going to use and when you want it to be worn.  Is it going to be compulsory staff uniform? Is it just to promote a certain event or offer?  Is it for staff to wear during an event?  Is it a fun freebie for customers?

Now you need to decide what type of clothing you are going to use?  Companies like Arti Promotions will stock a large selection of clothing for customisation from sweaters and t-shirts to caps and bags and children’s wear to sportswear and jackets.  Think about where you want the person to be when they are wearing and promoting your brand and what kind of image and message you want to portray with your promotional clothing.

Involve a team of people in creating the design for your clothing.  What design do you want to go on the clothing?  Is it simply going to display the company’s logo? Is your brand recognised enough to do this or do you need a bit more information on the clothing like a contact telephone number?  How are you going to make the clothing stand out? If the clothing is for compulsory staff uniform you may be able to get away with more promotional information on the clothing but if it is to give away to customers then you’ll want to focus more on making it an appealing, stylish item of clothing that they will like and wear proudly.

Make sure you choose a reputable, professional and experienced company like Arti Promotions to produce your promotional clothing.  You need your promotional clothing to be high quality, durable products that will last.  You also want the design to be printed or embroidered on the clothing clearly.


With a bit of careful planning and designing and a touch of imaginative inspiration you can turn all of your employees and your customers into walking billboards, getting your company’s brand and message out to the public.  Employees and customers alike will enjoy the feeling of belonging and unity with your brand when they wear the clothing.